Interface: PARTA Fixed-Route Dispatch - PARTA Website

PARTA Fixed-Route Dispatch to PARTA Website Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

demand responsive transit plan  (Future)  Selected Comm Solution

Plan regarding overall demand responsive transit schedules and deployment.

demand responsive transit request  (Future)  Selected Comm Solution

Request for paratransit support.

transit and fare schedules  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Transit service information including routes, schedules, and fare information. This also includes on–demand service information.

transit fare information  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Information provided by transit management that supports fare payment transactions.

transit fare request  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Request for fare information and transit fare payment.

transit incident information  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Information on transit incidents that impact transit services for public dissemination.

transit schedule adherence information  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Dynamic transit schedule adherence and transit vehicle location information.