Portage County Emergency Operations Center

Status: Existing


Portage County EOC. Represents the County's central point for coordinating the operational, logistical, and administrative support needs related to a disaster. The EOC staff gathers and disseminates situation reports and information for the local decision–makers, and other units of local, state and federal government.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Portage County Emergency Management AgencyOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Emergency Management Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Center Data Collection'Center Data Collection' collects and stores information that is created in the course of center operations. This data can be used directly by operations personnel or it can be made available to other data users and archives in the region.False
Center Data Subscription Management'Center Data Subscription Management' manages data subscriptions for an end user. It provides access to a catalog of available data, manages the necessary user information and rules that govern the data subscriptions, supports communications with data providers to collect data per the subscription rules, and makes the data available to the end user. It provides the local user interface through which a user can specify and manage subscriptions. It supports different mechanisms for collecting subscribed data for the end–user including one–time query–response as well as publish–subscribe services.False
Emergency Data Collection'Emergency Data Collection' collects and stores emergency information that is collected in the course of operations by the Emergency Management Center. This data can be used directly by operations personnel or it can be made available to other data users and archives in the region.False
Emergency Early Warning System'Emergency Early Warning System' monitors alerting and advisory systems, information collected by ITS surveillance and sensors, and reports from other agencies and uses this information to identify potential, imminent, or in–progress major incidents or disasters. Notification is provided to initiate the emergency response, including public notification using ITS traveler information systems, where appropriate.False

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