Akron-Canton Airport Parking Management System

Status: Existing


This element represents the Akron–Canton Airport electronic parking payment system (CAK Fast Pass) that allows for travelers to pay for parking fares electronically.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Akron–Canton Airport AuthorityOwnsExisting
Akron–Canton Airport AuthorityOwnsPlanned

Physical Objects

Parking Management Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Parking Account and Fee Management'Parking Account and Fee Management' manages parking fare collection at the Parking Management Center. It provides the back office functions that support control of field parking management systems, supporting payment reconciliation with links to financial institutions. It loads fee data into field systems when those systems are initialized or whenever such information is modified.False
Parking Coordination'Parking Coordination' supports communication and coordination between equipped parking facilities and also supports regional coordination between parking facilities and traffic management systems. Coordination with traffic management supports local traffic control coordination in and around the parking facility and broader regional coordination. It also shares information with transit management systems and information providers to support multimodal travel planning, including parking reservations capabilities. Information including current parking availability, system status, and operating strategies are shared to enable local parking facility management that supports regional transportation strategies.False
Parking Management'Parking Management' monitors parking area operations for one or more parking areas, monitoring current operational status including current parking occupancy and rates supporting back office operations.False

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