University of Akron Parking and Transportation Services Website

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Represents the University of Akron's Parking and Transportation Services website. Provides users with various traveler information, including real–time location tracking for Roo Express buses, shuttle routes/schedules, and bus stop locations.


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Physical Objects

Transportation Information Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
TIC Data Collection'TIC Data Collection' collects transportation–related data from other centers, performs data quality checks on the collected data and then consolidates, verifies, and refines the data and makes it available in a consistent format to applications that support operational data sharing between centers and deliver traveler information to end–users. A broad range of data is collected including traffic and road conditions, transit data, emergency information and advisories, weather data, special event information, traveler services, parking, multimodal data, and toll/pricing data. It also shares data with other transportation information centers.False
TIC Interactive Traveler Information'TIC Interactive Traveler Information' disseminates personalized traveler information including traffic and road conditions, transit information, parking information, maintenance and construction information, multimodal information, event information, and weather information. Tailored information is provided based on the traveler's request in this interactive service.False

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