Akron-Canton Airport Parking Management System Field Equipment

Status: Existing


Represents the ITS equipment for the Akron–Canton Airport CAK Fast Pass electronic parking payment system, which collects and processes parking fee payments electronically.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Akron–Canton Airport AuthorityOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Parking Area Equipment

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Parking Area Electronic Payment'Parking Area Electronic Payment' supports electronic payment of parking fees using in–vehicle equipment (e.g., tags) or contact or proximity cards. It includes the field elements that provide the interface to the in–vehicle or card payment device and the back–office functionality that performs the transaction.False
Parking Area Management'Parking Area Management' detects and classifies vehicles at parking facility entrances, exits, and other designated locations within the facility. Current parking availability is monitored and used to inform drivers through dynamic message signs/displays so that vehicles are efficiently routed to available spaces. Parking facility information, including current parking rates and directions to entrances and available exits, is also provided to drivers.False

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Akron–Canton Airport Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
Akron–Canton Airport Parking Management System
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