Vehicles with EZPass Tags

Status: Existing

Description: Vehicles with EZPass tags.


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Physical Objects

Vehicle OBE

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Vehicle Basic Toll/Parking Payment'Vehicle Basic Toll/Parking Payment' includes the traditional on–board systems that pay for tolls and parking electronically. It includes the in–vehicle equipment that communicates with the toll/parking plaza and an optional interface to a carry–in payment device. See also 'Vehicle Payment Services', which provides a broader range of payment services.False
Vehicle Payment Service'Vehicle Payment Service' supports vehicle payments including VMT– and zone–based payments and payments for other services including fuel/charging services, tolls, and parking. To support VMT–based payment, this application tracks the location of the vehicle at specific times and reports this VMT data along with vehicle identification. A variety of pricing strategies are supported, including strategies that include credits or incentives that reward desired driving patterns and behavior. The onboard equipment supports secure short range communications with connected vehicle roadside equipment to support secure payments.False

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OTIC Toll Administration
OTIC Toll Collection Equipment