WX01-Weather Data Collection (ODOT RWIS Station Expansion)

Status: Future


––Instance of WX01 for ODOT RWIS Station Expansion Project–– This service package collects current road and weather conditions using data collected from environmental sensors deployed on and about the roadway. It also collects data from vehicles in the road network that can be used to directly measure or infer current environmental conditions. It leverages vehicle on–board systems that measure temperature, sense current weather conditions (rain and sun sensors) and also can monitor aspects of the vehicle operational status (e.g., use of headlights, wipers, and traction control system) to gather information about local environmental conditions. In addition, environmental sensor systems located on Maintenance and Construction Vehicles are also potential data sources. The collected environmental data is used by the Weather Information Processing and Distribution service package to process the information and make decisions on operations. The collected environmental data may be aggregated, combined with data attributes and sent to meteorological systems for data qualification and further data consolidation. The service package may also request and receive qualified data sets from meteorological systems.


WX01-Weather Data Collection (ODOT RWIS Station Expansion)

Includes Elements

ODOT District 4 Office
ODOT District 4 RWIS Stations
Summit County Traffic Operations Center
Summit County Maintenance Dispatch