TM17-Speed Warning and Enforcement

Status: Existing


This service package monitors vehicle speeds and supports warning drivers when their speed is excessive. Also the service includes notifications to an enforcement agency to enforce the speed limit of the roadway. Speed monitoring can be made via spot speed or average speed measurements. Roadside equipment can display the speed of passing vehicles and/or suggest a safe driving speed. Environmental conditions and vehicle characteristics may be monitored and factored into the safe speed advisories that are provided to the motorist. For example, warnings can be generated recognizing the limitations of a given vehicle for the geometry of the roadway such as rollover risk for tall vehicles.

This service focuses on monitoring of vehicle speeds and enforcement of the speed limit while the variable speed limits service (covered in TM20–Variable Speed Limits service package) focuses on varying the posted speed limits to create more uniform speeds along a roadway, to promote safer driving during adverse conditions (such as fog) and/or to reduce air pollution.


TM17-Speed Warning and Enforcement

Includes Elements

City of Akron Automated Speed Warning Signs
City of Akron Traffic Operations Center
City of Cuyahoga Falls Automated Speed Warning Signs
City of Cuyahoga Falls Traffic Operations Center
City of Green Automated Speed Warning Signs
City of Green Traffic Operations Center
ODOT District 4 Office
ODOT District 4 Speed Monitoring Roadside Equipment
ODOT Traffic Signal Control System
Other Municipalities Automated Speed Warning Signs
Other Municipalities Traffic Operations Centers
Other Municipalities Maintenance Dispatch
City of Green Maintenance Dispatch
City of Cuyahoga Falls Maintenance Dispatch
City of Akron Maintenance Dispatch