Roadway Environmental Monitoring Functional Area


'Roadway Environmental Monitoring' measures environmental conditions and communicates the collected information back to a center where it can be monitored and analyzed or to other field devices to support communications to vehicles. A broad array of weather and road surface information may be collected. Weather conditions that may be measured include temperature, wind, humidity, precipitation, and visibility. Surface and sub–surface sensors can measure road surface temperature, moisture, icing, salinity, and other metrics.

Included In

City of Green High Water Warning Systems
City of Green RWIS Stations
City of Kent RWIS Stations
ODOT District 4 RWIS Stations
Other Municipalities RWIS Stations
Portage County RWIS Stations
City of Akron RWIS Stations
City of Hudson RWIS Stations
City of Barberton High Water Warning Systems
City of Barberton RWIS Stations