MCM Environmental Information Collection Functional Area


'MCM Environmental Information Collection' collects current road and weather conditions using data collected from environmental sensors deployed on and about the roadway. In addition to fixed sensor stations at the roadside, this functional object also collects environmental information from sensor systems located on Maintenance and Construction Vehicles. It also collects current and forecast environmental conditions information that is made available by other systems. The functional object aggregates the sensor system data and provides it, along with data attributes to other applications.

Included In

ODOT District 4 Maintenance Garages
ODOT District 4 Office
OTIC Maintenance Dispatch Offices
Other Municipalities Maintenance Dispatch
Summit County Maintenance Dispatch
City of Kent Maintenance Dispatch
City of Green Maintenance Dispatch
City of Cuyahoga Falls Maintenance Dispatch
City of Akron Maintenance Dispatch
Portage County Maintenance Dispatch
City of Hudson Maintenance Dispatch
City of Barberton Maintenance Dispatch