Interface: County and City Connected Vehicles Roadside Equipment - City of Twinsburg DMS

County and City Connected Vehicles Roadside Equipment to City of Twinsburg DMS Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

roadway dynamic signage data  (Future)  Selected Comm Solution

Information used to initialize, configure, and control dynamic message signs. This flow can provide message content and delivery attributes, local message store maintenance requests, control mode commands, status queries, and all other commands and associated parameters that support remote management of these devices.

roadway dynamic signage status  (Future)  Selected Comm Solution

Current operating status of dynamic message signs.

traffic situation data  (Future)  Selected Comm Solution

Current, aggregate traffic data collected from connected vehicles that can be used to supplement or replace information collected by roadside traffic detectors. It includes raw and/or processed reported vehicle speeds, counts, and other derived measures. Raw and/or filtered vehicle control events may also be included to support incident detection.

vehicle signage local data  (Future)  Selected Comm Solution

Information provided by adjacent field equipment to support in–vehicle signing of dynamic information that is currently being displayed to passing drivers. This includes the dynamic information (e.g., local traffic and road conditions, work zone information, lane restrictions, detours, closures, advisories, parking availability, etc.) and control parameters that identify the desired timing, duration, and priority of the signage data.

work zone warning notification  (Future)  Selected Comm Solution

Notification of a work zone emergency or safety issue. This flow identifies that a work zone emergency or safety issue has occurred so that warnings may be generated by more than one system in the work zone.