Vehicle Eco-Driving Assist Functional Area


'Vehicle Eco–Driving Assist' provides customized real–time driving advice to drivers, allowing them to adjust behaviors to save fuel and reduce emissions. This advice includes recommended driving speeds, optimal acceleration and deceleration profiles based on prevailing traffic conditions, and local interactions with nearby vehicles, i.e., processing Basic Safety Messages (BSMs) to determine position and speed of vehicles that are between the host vehicle and the intersection. When approaching and departing signalized intersections, it uses intersection geometry information, the relative position and speed of vehicles ahead of it, and signal phase movement information to provide speed advice to the driver so that the driver can adapt the vehicle's speed to pass the next traffic signal on green, decelerate to a stop in the most eco–friendly manner, or manage acceleration as the vehicle departs from a signalized intersection. It also provides feedback to drivers on their driving behavior to encourage them to drive in a more environmentally efficient manner. It may also support vehicle–assisted strategies, where the vehicle automatically implements the eco–driving strategy (e.g., changes gears, switches power sources, or reduces its speed in an eco–friendly manner as the vehicle approaches a traffic signal or queue).

Included In

Commercial Vehicles
Connected/Automated Vehicles