PS01-Emergency Call-Taking and Dispatch

Status: Existing


This service package provides basic public safety call–taking and dispatch services. It includes emergency vehicle equipment, equipment used to receive and route emergency calls, and wireless communications that enable safe and rapid deployment of appropriate resources to an emergency. Coordination between Emergency Management Centers supports emergency notification between agencies. Wide area wireless communications between the Emergency Management Center and an Emergency Vehicle supports dispatch and provision of information to responding personnel. This service package also provides information to support dynamic routing of emergency vehicles. Traffic information, road conditions, and weather advisories are provided to enhance emergency vehicle routing. The Emergency Management Center provides routing information based on real–time conditions and has the option to request an ingress/egress route from the Traffic Management Center.


PS01-Emergency Call-Taking and Dispatch

Includes Elements

City of Akron Traffic Operations Center
City of Akron Combined Communications Center
City of Akron Emergency Vehicles
City of Cuyahoga Falls Emergency Vehicles
City of Cuyahoga Falls Regional Communication Center
City of Cuyahoga Falls Traffic Operations Center
City of Green Traffic Operations Center
South Summit Dispatch Center
City of Kent Traffic Operations Center
City of Kent Emergency Vehicles
City of Kent Public Safety Dispatch
City of Stow Traffic Operations Center
City of Stow Communications Center
City of Stow Emergency Vehicles
ODOT District 4 Office
OSHP District 10
OSHP Districts 3 and 4 Posts
OSHP Vehicles
OTIC Central Dispatch
OTIC Public Service Vehicles
Other Municipalities Emergency Vehicles
Other Municipalities Public Safety Dispatch
Portage County Emergency Alert and Notification System
Portage County Traffic Operations Center
Portage County 911 Dispatch Center
Summit County Reverse Alert Emergency Notification System
Summit County Traffic Operations Center
Summit County Sheriff Dispatch
METRO RTA Fixed–Route Dispatch
METRO RTA Paratransit Dispatch
PARTA Fixed–Route Dispatch
PARTA Paratransit Dispatch
City of Green Traffic Information Website
Portage County Emergency Vehicles
Summit County Emergency Vehicles
National Weather Service
City of Hudson Traffic Operations Center
City of Twinsburg Traffic Operations Center
City of Barberton Traffic Operations Center
City of Hudson Emergency Vehicles
City of Hudson Communications Center
City of Twinsburg Emergency Vehicles
City of Twinsburg Communications Center
City of Barberton Emergency Vehicles
Southwest Summit Communications (SWSCOM)