Roadway Basic Surveillance Functional Area


'Roadway Basic Surveillance' monitors traffic conditions using fixed equipment such as loop detectors and CCTV cameras.

Included In

City of Akron CCTV Cameras
City of Akron Traffic Sensors
City of Cuyahoga Falls CCTV Cameras
City of Cuyahoga Falls Traffic Sensors
City of Green CCTV Cameras
City of Green Traffic Sensors
City of Kent CCTV Cameras
City of Kent Traffic Sensors
City of Stow CCTV Cameras
City of Stow Traffic Sensors
ODOT District 4 CCTV Cameras
ODOT District 4 Ramp Meters
ODOT District 4 Vehicle Detection Devices
Other Municipalities CCTV Cameras
Other Municipalities Traffic Sensors
Summit County Traffic Sensors
OTIC ITS Cameras
City of Hudson Traffic Sensors
City of Hudson Wrong Way Vehicle Detection and Warning Systems
City of Twinsburg Traffic Sensors
City of Twinsburg CCTV Cameras
City of Barberton CCTV Cameras
City of Hudson CCTV Cameras