TI01-Broadcast Traveler Information

Status: Existing


This service package provides a digital broadcast service that disseminates traveler information to all equipped travelers within range. It collects traffic conditions, advisories, general public transportation, toll and parking information, incident information, roadway maintenance and construction information, air quality and weather information, and broadcasts the information to travelers using technologies such as FM subcarrier, satellite radio, cellular data broadcasts, and Internet streaming technologies.

This service package also provides location–specific or situation–relevant information to travelers in vehicles using Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) infrastructure supporting mobility service packages for connected vehicles. DSRC is used to deliver real–time traveler information including travel times, incident information, road conditions, and emergency traveler information to vehicles as they pass connected vehicle roadside equipment along their route. This service package provides public information that is available to all equipped vehicles in the vicinity of the roadside equipment.


TI01-Broadcast Traveler Information

Includes Elements

City of Akron Traffic Operations Center
City of Akron Combined Communications Center
ODOT 511 Telephone Information Service
ODOT District 4 Maintenance Garages
ODOT District 4 Office
ODOT OHGO Traveler Information System
ODOT Rest Area Truck Parking Availability System
ODOT Traffic Signal Control System
OSHP District 10
OSHP Districts 3 and 4 Posts
OTIC Central Dispatch
OTIC Maintenance Dispatch Offices
OTIC Toll Administration
OTIC Website
Portage County Traffic Operations Center
Portage County 911 Dispatch Center
Summit County Traffic Operations Center
Summit County Sheriff Dispatch
City of Cuyahoga Falls Parking Management System
City of Akron Parking Management System
Summit County Maintenance Dispatch
City of Green Maintenance Dispatch
City of Akron Maintenance Dispatch
Portage County Maintenance Dispatch
METRO RTA Fixed–Route Dispatch
METRO RTA Transit Information Displays
METRO RTA Transit Information Kiosks
PARTA Fixed–Route Dispatch
PARTA Transit Information Displays
PARTA Transit Information Kiosks
PARTA Website
Personal Information Device
City of Green Traffic Information Website
Summit County Engineer Website
Portage County Website
National Weather Service
City of Akron Parking App
City of Cuyahoga Falls Parking App
Local Media
City of Hudson Parking App
Akron–Canton Airport
Akron–Canton Airport Parking Management System